To begin using the Arcoro API (BDAPI), you must first contact the Arcoro team. They will work with you to get you an API access key to allow access to the api key.

The BDAPI is based on "REST" principles, and will follow the "REST" architectural styles as defined by Roy Fielding in his Ph.D dissertation where it makes sense to the Arcoro team. There are times where the Arcoro team decided to build the Arcoro API uses "pragmatic" over "principled" design methods. The BDAPI will

  1. Be available over a secured Hyper Text Transport Protocal (https) connection
    The BDAPI api will be available only over the https protocol to allow for encrypted data during transport between the client and the BDAPI server.
  2. Implement a Uniform Interface
    The BDAPI resources that are available will be identified in the URL. The representation of the resource will be available in JSON or XML format.
  3. Stateless Interactions
    There will be no information stored on the server regarding the client context between requests. There will be data returned to the client with each response that will need to be provided to the server in future requests